Circuit Breakers

ASI's  comprehensive range of circuit breakers are meticulously engineered for diverse applications and industry requirements. From compact designs 
to high-capacity solutions, our products offer unrivaled reliability and performance, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency for your electrical systems.
With Circuit Breakers from ASI, you can have peace of mind for all your circuit protection needs.

The range of circuit protection products from ASI is one of the broadest in the industry, including fuse holder terminal blocks, MCCB or Molded Case Circuit Breakers, MCB or miniature circuit breakers that DIN rail mount, panel and rack mounted circuit breakers and GFI or ground fault circuit breakers.

We also offer a wide range of terminal blocks equipped with blocking diodes, MOV's and gas tubes. A complete offering of surge protection modules, which are used to protect against damage from lightning generated transient voltages in power and in control circuits, are now available. With the emergence and growth of the solar industry and others that operate with DC voltages we offer a wide selection of DC circuit breakers and fuse blocks for the types of circuits found in inverters and stringer boxes.

For printed circuit boards ASI has eliminated the hazards and high costs associated with the use of the open metal fuse clips that hold glass type fuses. ASI PCB fuse clips and holders are completely insulated, the cover serving as a safe and convenient method for removing the fuse. Similar types of fuse holders are also available for use in panel mount applications, as well as in-line wired circuit fuse holders. Browse our circuit protection equipment and shop our circuit breakers for sale!