Power Supplies

Power supplies serve as the backbone of any electronic system, providing the necessary energy to keep devices operational. The ASI selection of Power Supplies encompasses a variety of voltage outputs & types, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) & converters. Each type offers distinct advantages and is suited to different applications, ranging from powering sensitive electronics to supporting critical infrastructure. Our ASI Team can help you choose the optimal solution for your specific needs. 

Automation Systems Interconnect, ASI offers one of the broadest lines of DIN rail mounted power related products on the market. For over 25 years the DIN rail power supply family has been the choice for hundreds of machine builders, systems integrators, panel builders and control system equipment manufacturers. The ASI DIN rail power supplies offer not only space saving but also feature:

  • Over 100 models of DIN rail power supplies, DC-DC converters and DIN rail UPS.
  • UL508 Listing, CE, Adherence to International Directives
  • Single, Split and Three Phase Din Power Supplies
  • More 24V DC power supplies to choose from
  • Special DIN power supplies for use with DC Motors in 48, 72, 170V DC and other outputs including 5, 12, 15 and 24V DC
  • Accepts AC or DC input
  • Outputs from .5A to 100A, 15W to 2400W in compact DIN rail mount
  • The most compact three phase input din rail power supplies on the market
  • Many more features
  • The ASI DIN rail DC UPS is available in a basic low cost economy model, a standard package and in premium heavy duty DIN rail DC UPS with communication features and much more. These DIN rail Mount UPS modules save space, have many features and are very competitively priced.

The ASI DIN rail DC-DC converters are available in 12, 24, 48 and 110V DC. These very compact DIN rail DC-DC converters feature pluggable connectors, LED status indication, adjustable output and a high level of isolation.

The ASI DIN rail mount power distribution module is a compact module that allows you to take the voltage output from a power supply and feed several different devices or loads. There are two sets of input terminals so that you can even wire up two power supplies to ensure redundancy.