Pendant Stations

Pendant stations serve as advanced control interfaces in industrial settings, offering a compact and customizable solution for machinery operation. Designed with ergonomic considerations, these stations feature tactile buttons and switches, facilitating precise control over various functions. ASI's pendant stations stand out for their technical excellence, providing operators with an intuitive interface for efficient and accurate management of industrial equipment.  

A complete range of push button pendants are available for overhead pendant control, hoist pendant control, lift and platform pendant control and compact emergency stop station applications.

Hoist Pendant Stations

If your application calls for a hoist pendant the P02, P03, HP03 and DC30 families of chain hoist controllers will most likely offer a standard product ready for purchase and installation. Used mainly for hoist control applications each of these push button pendants offers a wide range of features to ensure durability, reliability and safety. Each of the hoist pendants comes fully assembled and with everything necessary for your installation. Several models of the chain hoist controllers are also equipped with an emergency stop push button switch. All of the hoist pendants come with either a pendant cable strain relief for a cable gland for secure cable installation. 

Crane Pendant Stations

When looking for pendant controls for overhead cranes you can rely on the PL and PLB series for reliable crane pendant control. Each PL and PLB crane pendant comes with all of the necessary switches including bi-directional, single and two speed, alarm and emergency stop depending on model. The PL series is a single row crane pendant and the PLB is a two row crane pendant. The PL series of crane pendants is available as a 5 operator, 7 operator, 8 operator, 10 operator and 12 push button pendant station depending on model. The double row pendant station series PLB is available in a 4 button, 6 button, 8 button, 10 button, 12 button and 14 button crane pendant.

Lift and Platform Pendant Stations

The TLP series is a pendant or push button control for lift and platform applications. It can be cable hanging or with the optional wall mount bracket can be held in place until use. These compact 2, 3 and 4 operator push button pendant stations come with a cable gland to ensure the IP65, NEMA 4X rating.

The TLP1 compact emergency stop enclosures are the most cost effective e-stop stations available. The TLP1.EPP is a push to stop, pull to run emergency stop operator station. The TLP1.ESR is a twist or turn to release emergency stop station. Both feature a guard for the push button, a M20 cable gland and a compact housing.