Panel Mount Ethernet Port, RJ45 to RJ45 Right Angle RJ45 On Rear

The ASICPICRJ45RA is a IP67 RJ45 that is a RJ45 bulkhead connector. This bulkhead mount waterproof Ethernet connector is shielded and has gold-plated female to female RJ45 Ethernet connectors on both sides. This waterproof bulkhead or through panel RJ45 connector has a right angle internal RJ45 connecter. This RJ45 bulkhead connector measures 37mm long, front mounts through a 20.8 mm diameter hole that is 7 mm or thinner. It secures to the panel with the included locknut. This through panel weatherproof RJ45 connector can be used with either the Quick Lock Cover (ASICPICPC) or the RJ45 Cord set Assembly (Both Sold Separately) to provide weather-tight protection against dust, debris and liquid immersion, thus meeting IP 67, NEMA 6 and 6P protection ratings.

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