63 Amp DIN Rail Circuit Breaker, MCB 63A, One Pole, D Trip Curve, 240Vac, 10kA, UL1077

SKU: NDB1-125D63-1

The NDB1-125D63-1 is a high current one pole 63 amp DIN rail circuit breaker that mounts on the standard 35mm DIN rail. This 63A D curve MCB features a visual trip indication window and is rated as a 10kA MCB. The NDB1-125 series of DIN rail mount circuit breakers is UL1077 Recognized. This 1 pole 63 amp DIN rail breaker has screw clamp wire terminations, utilizes a D Trip Curve and has a UL voltage rating of 240Vac. Optional accessories for this one pole 63 amp DIN rail breaker include an auxiliary contact, an alarm contact and a shunt release.

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Amperage 63 Amps