DIN Rail Breaker, Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker Operation, Only 13mm Wide, 45 Amp, 240 Vac, 1 pole, UL1077

SKU: NDB5-J445-1P

The ASI NDB5-J445-1P is a DIN rail breaker. It is a high density DIN rail single pole AC circuit breaker with hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker operation rated at 45 amp 240 Vac . This UL 1077 supplemental protection DIN rail circuit breaker is 300% factory tested to guarantee quality and reliability. The NDB5 1 pole high space saving DIN rail mount circuit breaker is only 13 mm wide per pole and saves over 25% of space on your DIN rail compared to a 18 mm circuit breaker. The NDB5 DIN rail circuit breaker features easy to wire screw clamp connections and fits on the industry standard 35 mm DIN rail. The NDB5 series of DIN rail circuit breakers can be used in most industrial applications since this model features general purpose trip curve characteristics.

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