0.5 Amp 1 Pole Circuit Breaker, 80 V DC, DIN Rail Mounted, Medium Trip Curve, 3 kA, UL 1077

SKU: NDB5-Z4.5-1P

NDB5-Z4.5-1P is a compact 0.5 amp DIN rail mount DC circuit breaker designed for general-purpose industrial applications, boasting an 80 Vdc rating. With a slim profile of only 13mm per pole, this high-density breaker is space-saving and features touch-safe screw clamp wiring within its black flame-resistant housing. The NDB5-Z ensures reliability with a 10kA interrupt capacity and a medium trip curve, providing optimal performance in tight panel spaces. Factory tested at 300%, this one-pole DIN rail DC circuit breaker guarantees quality, making it the ideal choice when space is a premium consideration.

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Poles 1
Voltage 80V DC
Amperage 0.5 Amps
Trip Curve Medium Delay/Z4
Mounting Style DIN Rail Mounted
UL UL 1077
Interrupting Capacity 10 kA
Circuit Breaker Type Hydraulic - Magnetic