E Stop Station, Includes Emergency Stop Button with Enclosure, Twist Release, Complete Emergency Stop Control Station


The ASI TLP1.ESR is a low cost e stop station that includes an emergency stop button with enclosure featuring a mushroom type push button with guard and the operation is twist to release once pushed. This low cost emergency stop control station and shutdown switch meets the emergency push button regulations and has a safety compliant yellow housing and a estop guard which shrouds the estop from accidental actuation. Inside this low cost e stop station is a Normally Closed contact block and an M20 cable gland to ensure the waterproof IP65, NEMA4 rating and eliminate the need to purchase additional parts. The NC contact block of this emergency stop button with enclosure uses spring clamp wire termination for easy and secure installation. The double insulation housing of this low cost e stop station is shockproof and heat resistant for use in all industrial applications. Compared to other emergency stop buttons with enclosure you are saving up to 50% more for a high-quality emergency stop push button station.

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