Interface Modules

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Explore the versatility of ASI Interface Modules.    

ASI offers a broad range of DIN rail mounted breakout boards for wiring transitions from various types of connectors and cables to either fixed or pluggable terminal blocks.

These terminal block interface modules are available in versions that accept:

You may find these modules referred to elsewhere as transition modules, field termination assemblies or I/O wiring modules.

ASI DIN Rail Connector Interface Module Features:

  • Component holes on each circuit trace allow easy addition of components as needed
  • An area on each interface module allows marking for easy identification in applications where several interface modules are used together
  • Most of the connector interface modules incorporate a means of locking the cable/connector directly to the module
  • The RJ module, typically used for Ethernet connections, is available in two styles that can be easily modified to add circuitry to meet customer requirements.  The modules are available with either fixed wiring or pluggable terminal blocks.